The Information market in Russia: state and development tendencies under present (crisis) conditions

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    20 март 2009
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Main research objectives are:
1. Environment and economic activity estimation in terms of analysis of business processes occurring on the Russian information market in whole and its segments in particular.
The research period is 2004-2008.
2. Revelation of development tendencies of the Russian information market in whole and its segments in particular under conditions of turbulent market environment.
The general trends and development forecasts of the Russian information market are considered over near-term outlook.

Information sources:
1. Reports of President and Government press-services; statistical data of Federal State Statistics Service and Central Bank of Russian Federation.
2. Companies press releases, branch and expert estimations of mass-media.
3. Own informational resource and extensive enterprises database of Information Agency «CredInform North-West».

Outlook content:
The results of marketing research «The Information market in Russia: state and development tendencies under present (crisis) conditions » are structured in three basic sections.

The first section is dedicated to the description of tendencies.
Moreover the Agency experts having analyzed occurring events in the information market emphasized six tendencies. The numbers of the most vivid examples are resulted to confirm the formulated tendencies.
Complexity and many-sided nature of business processes proceeding in the information market is accompanied, as a rule, by certain problems, therefore Agency experts could not ignore them.

As the state is interested in development of the information market in a tideway of legal environment, so it is arranged under the realization plan of development strategy of information society some activities which are presented in the review in generalized kind.

The second section is devoted to the description of research results of various market segments.
The matter is that in ninetieth years during formation of the information market alongside with the companies representing a wide range of information services (business-information, marketing, collection and others) firms developing any one direction have been created as well. Next years the number of such companies increased so that each direction was formed in the independent market. Those markets are the following: business (commercial) information market, marketing services market, collection services market and consulting services market, but in whole they remain an integral part of the information market.

Its further development allowed arising additional directions, on the one hand, as an independent segment, but, on the other hand, without their existence it would be difficult for companies to gather, store, or to process information. Also such additional directions were generated in the corresponding markets, for example:

call-centers market,

IT-services market, data-centers market,

 directory inquiry services market,

 credit bureaus market,

 tenders and purchases information market, and others.

In whole the analysis of the basic segments of the information market is presented on the following aspects: market capacity, basic trends, competitive environment, estimations and opinions of market participants, and development prospects in the current context.

The third section is dedicated to development prospects of the information market.
According to analysis results Agency experts have developed and reflected in the outlook an economic model of business development under crisis conditions. That model allows determining a group company belonging in accordance with estimation of its affairs state to choose development strategy; to plan activities on business restructuring; and to select corresponding instruments.


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