The Russian market of cable and satellite TV hardware under present (crisis) conditions

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The Russian market of cable and satellite TV hardware under present (crisis) conditions
  • Дата выхода отчёта: 02 февраля 2009 г.
  • География исследования: Россия
  • Период исследования: 2004-2008
  • Язык отчёта: Английский
  • Способ предоставления: электронный
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Main research objectives are:
1. Environment and economic activity estimation in terms of analysis of business processes occurring on the Russian market of cable and satellite TV hardware under present (crisis) conditions.
The research period is 2004-2008.
2. Revelation of development tendencies of the Russian cable and satellite TV hardware market, expediency definition and possibilities of investors penetrate to it in conditions of turbulent market environment.
The general trends and development forecasts of the Russian market of cable and satellite TV hardware are considered over near-term outlook.

Information sources:
1. Reports of the Russian Ministry of Communications and Informatization, Federal State Statistic Service, and Russian Federal Customs Service.
2. Companies press releases, branch and expert estimations of mass-media.
3. Own informational resource and extensive enterprises database of Information Agency «CredInform North-West ».

Outlook content:
This review is dedicated to description of hardware market together with paid cable and satellite TV market.
The attention in review was accented on condition and transition preconditions to digital broadcasting and role of the state and corporate sector in digital TV development. Manufacturers, sellers and installers (service centers) of hardware in Russia are considered. The segment of equipment for TV-programs reception in high definition standard (HDTV) is shown.

TV branch problems in Russia as basic consumer are studied. Material on paid TV market is expanded, viz: segment of cable, satellite TV, and technology based on IPTV, trend forecasts of specified segments are given as well.
Question of import equipment deliveries for satellite and cable TV to Russia in 2008(10) is studied in detail, viz: digital video tuners (receivers), satellite aerials (reflectors), switchboards of video and audio signals.
Also the review contains estimations and market participants’ opinions on occurring situations, and information on leading players of hardware market for cable and satellite TV.

General conclusions:
The Russian hardware market of paid TV completely depends on import. As to manufacturers and suppliers of various hardware elements to reveal them is a quite complex problem as they declare themselves in the most various codes according to the All-Russian qualifier of kinds of economic activities. As a matter of fact, companies are system integrators and/or suppliers of cable, satellite and on-air broadcasting equipment.

Besides, majority of participants are specialized in installation, repair, and setting-up, equipment service. For example, it is registered 722 companies specializing in installation, repair and maintenance of professional radio, television, sound recording equipment in Russia. As to radio and television equipment repair and other audio and video equipment it is engaged in 1129 companies, etc.
Basic demand for hardware is met from users in the paid TV market. So, capacity of cable and satellite TV market grows in Russia annually, by different estimations, on the average at 25-50% at average revenue per user at level about $2. According to preliminary data the market volume reached to $980 million in 2008.
Traditionally there is concentrated a significant users base in a segment of cable TV that makes more half of entire market. But segment of satellite TV is the most profitable.

Development impact of paid TV market and that of hardware will be stage-by-stage realization of the «Development concept of television and radio broadcasting in Russia throughout 2008-2015» by the state with attraction of private investments.
The technical basis of television broadcasting is factories and operators specializing in manufacture of different hardware elements, telecommunication, radio broadcasting and television.

The brief information on the leading companies of the Russian market of cable and satellite TV hardware and operators of TV is presented in the report as well. For more information on other participants see Branch Enterprises Databases and also Companies Directories.
To check up reliability of any firm and to receive more detailed information on it everyone can address directly in «CredInform North-West» or use on-line at Agency website.

Having problems with accounts receivable – Agency’s specialists have long-term experience to resolve them.
To guarantee information resources availability for the purpose of subsequent administrative decisions making, Agency notes that prices are reduced on entire range of completed in preceding years marketing researches within 10%-30%.

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