Russian technical potassium sulfate market

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Мы располагаем полноценной методико-технической и кадровой базой, обеспечивающей качественное проведение комплексных маркетинговых и социологических исследований.

Main research objectives are:

1. State estimation and development prospects of Russian technical potassium sulfate market from standpoint of investment appeal.

2. Expediency definition and possibilities of investors penetrate to Russian technical potassium sulfate market.

The research period is 2003-2007. The general trends and development forecasts of potassium sulfate market are considered over near-term outlook up to 2010.

Information sources:

1. Statistical information of Russian Federal State Statistic Service, Russian Federation Construction Committee, fundamentals of State Standard Specifications in building industry, data of Russian Federal customs service.

2. Companies press releases, branch and expert estimations of mass-media.

3. Own informational resource and extensive enterprises database of Information Agency «CredInform – North-West».

General conclusions:

As of the end of 2007 the market capacity of technical potassium sulfate in Russia has increased for 9% with respect to preceding 2006. The market capacity has been about 2.9 million tons in kind.

Development of the given market is in close dependence on trends of building industry development and demand structure for applied materials prepared on a cement basis and so on. Mainly, growth of potassium sulfate market is stimulated by active construction development in Russia, as main product consumer.

As technical potassium sulfate is a modifying admixture and component in preparation of various mortars, the basic consumption and realization potassium sulfate markets in a building industry are presented by cement market, concrete and dry building mixes markets on which the positive growth trend is observed.

The basis for technical potassium sulfate manufacture, and also various soluble building mortars and mixes are Russian enterprises of chemical industry.

The brief information on the leading companies of the Russian potassium sulfate market is presented in the report as well. For more information on participants of the Russian potassium sulfate market see created by «CredInform – North-West» Companies Directories in which companies are grouped using main code of Russian National Classifier of Economic Activities (OKVED) and also Branch Enterprises Databases.

More detailed information on any firm can be received on-line at Agency website where in accessible form reference company data is presented not only, but also in comparative form its financial figures, foreign economic activity data and etc.


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